Auto DL in a nutshell

  Net digibox in PC

What is Auto DL

Auto DL is a program suite which records automatically episodes of selected TV show via Internet onto your PC. It will open a check box menu where you can simply check selected TV shows.  After that any new episode of selected TV show will be automatically recorded instantly whenever it's released. User attendance is not needed for recording and there is no need even for the user to be logged in.  The program runs on background as a server monitoring new episode information (RSS feed) from broadcasting company.
Auto DL was originally designed to match the service of YLE Areena Finland since that was the only Finnish service available with required technical facilities already running.  Functionality of Auto DL resembles a recording digibox with the exceptions that recording happens on background on your PC via Internet and no special hardware is needed.  You can work on your computer at the same time, Auto DL is hardly noticeable load while idling. Installation of Auto DL to Linux (Ubuntu or Linux Mint) is very easy. Instructions for installation and use are in Finnish so far.  

Why Auto DL

Auto DL is easy to use and you'll adopt soon correct way to use it by following instructions.  Auto DL is handy when you want to save all episodes of a certain tv show. Playback of recorded material  will be troublefree also when the quality of your network link is dubious.  Auto DL  monitors recording success and retries until recording is succesful.    

Documents (sorry, only in Finnish so far)

Instructions for installation

Instructions for use

6.8.2012  Status report


Antti Ajanki has developed command line program "yle-dl" used by Auto DL for downloading. Many users of Ubuntu forum Finland have remarkably contributed by testing and giving ideas for new features.

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