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Auto DL has been laborous task to develop into present shape. I give it absolutely free for you as it is.  As a home user, should you find it useful I don't mind a nominal donation as an indication of your support for development.  These donations will not make me rich but grateful and I want to say thanks for your support. I may use that money for my birthday for example.
However, I most politely urge corporate or commercial users to consider sponsoring development leaving amount to your discretion.   Support of corporates is crucial for implementation of new features and functionality.
Donations are handled by PayPal and credit cards are there ok, too.

Donation is neither obligatory (binding the developer) nor any payment for work done and developer does not promise any countervalue for that.  Financial support is regarded only as an indication of gratefulness and a voluntary donation.   You can find more detailed description on GPL by clicking red GPL3 icon on the right. 

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Downloading and installation

1) Prerequisites:  Ubuntu, Linux Mint or Peppermint.  Some other distribution compatible enough with those may succeed provided Ubuntu style "sudo" is activated.  Installing to other distros than those is possible but requires considerably technical expertise of your own. Adopting to embedded systems is also possible.
You'll also need Firefox browser.

2) Especially for corporate bodies, did you notice the licence conditions above ?  Thanks. 

3) Install first manual recording software for YLE Areena, pls. see Instructions for Installation

4) Auto DL quick installation (recommended method), copy long line intact to terminal:

  wget --no-cache -r -O./install_adl && chmod +x install_adl && ./install_adl

  and press Enter.   Do not prepend anything or change any character !   Done.

Please see Instructions for Installation for further information (in Finnish).

4) Reading Instructions for Use is recommended for everyone (in Finnish). 

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